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$____________________________ _____________________________________20____

__________________________________________after date_____________________promise to pay to

the order of


Payable at__________________________________________________________________________

This is note No.________of a series of______ notes. Upon default in the payment of any one of these notes or any other note or notes of the maker and/or endorsers and/or guarantors hereof, held or acquired by holder hereof all of the aforesaid notes shall imme-diately become due and payable without prior notice.

The makers, endorsers and guarantors of this note hereby waive presentment for payment, demand, notice of non-payment and dishonor, protest, and notice of protest; waive trial by jury in any action or proceeding arising on, out of, under or by reason of this note; consent to any renewals, extensions and partial payments of this note or the indebtedness for which it is given without notice to them, and consent that no such renewals, extensions or partial payments shall discharge any party hereto from liability hereon in whole or in part. If a petition under any provision of the Bankruptcy Act or any other insolvency statute for any relief thereunder shall be filed by or against any maker, endorser or guarantor hereof, then this note and all other existing obligations of every kind of each maker or en-dorser hereof to the holder shall become immediately due and payable. If this note be not paid when due and if it be placed with an attorney for collection, the maker, makers, endorsers and guarantors agree to pay all attorneys' fee of 20% of the amount of this note, which is hereby agreed to be just and reasonable and which shall be added to the amount due under this note and recoverable with the amount due under this note. If any endorser or guarantor of this note shall pay the amount of the same to the holder thereof at maturity and thereafter shall place the same with an attorney for collection against the maker, makers, prior endorsers, guarantors or any of them, then they agree to pay to said endorser or guarantor all costs of collection, including an attorneys' fee of 20%; which is hereby agreed to be just and reasonable and which shall be added to the amount due under this note and recoverable with the amount of this note. Inter-est on this note after maturity shall be due and payable at the rate of two per cent per month.

Value Received with Interest at %  ___________________________________________


Due  ___________________________________________


The undersigned endorsers have examined, are familiar with and hereby jointly and severally agree to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of the within note and that the time for the payment of said note, or indebtedness for which it was given may be extended, partially repaid and partially or fully extended without notice or assent by the undersigned or any of them and without affecting the liability of the undersigned, or any of them, and the undersigned waive presentment for payment, de-mand, notice of dishonor, protest and notice thereof, and trial by jury in any action on this note.

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BUS. ADDRESS _____________________________________

HOME ADDRESS ____________________________________

Social Security No. ______________________


NAME ______________________________________________

BUS. ADDRESS ______________________________________

HOME ADDRESS _____________________________________

Social Security No ______________________

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